The Valderan Royal Navy's 404mm (16 inch) Disruptor cannon is the most sophisticated disruptor cannon in use in the Alpha Quadrant. It is used aboard Valderan Battleships and Starbases, as well as planetary installations.

404mm (16") Mk. 9 Disruptor Cannon
Emitter Bore:
404mm (16 inches)
Barrel length:
62 calibers (25.048 Meters, 82.18 feet)
Weapon Type:
Major-caliber pulse disruptor cannon
Output type:
Directed Energy
Damage type:
Thermal, Disruption
Min. 250 meters, maximum 650,000 kilometers

USE Edit

The Mk. 9 Disruptor Cannon is fitted either as a turret mounted cannon, or as a fixed or semi-fixed gun aboard starships and Starbases. The guns are fitted in verticle firing, ball-type turrets for planetary defense. Rate of fire is generall 25-30 rounds per minute.