The egotistical Marine CO and the prankster on the Veroto whos got a little 8 year old in love with him. He is the younger brother of Admiral Praxis Hardfighter, and a battle-tested veteran of the Dominion war.

Vitals Edit

Name: Daniel James Hardfighter

Rank: Brig. General

Position: Veroto Marine Detachment CO

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Age: 34

Physical Appearance Edit

Height: 6'1

Weight: 245 lbs.

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Physical Description: Althetic build. Tan with a crew cut. Several scars on his left hand. Right hand is a bio mechanical replacement.

Personality & Traits Edit

Personality: Stubborn and a born leader. Very determined and strong willed. Honest and hard working. Leads by example.

Strengths & Weaknesses: His leadership is a big strength for him and his weakness is lack of command experience

Ambitions: His biggest ambition is to command his own ship.

Hobbies & Interests: Like sports and music in general.

Languages: English, German, some Klingon and some Romulan

Family Edit

Father:Jack Hardfighter (Retired Starfleet)

Mother: Denise Hardfighter

Brother(s): Praxis Hardfighter, Admiral

Sister(s): Madalin Harfighter, Anya Hardfighter(Brig. General)

Spouse: none

Children: none

Other Family: none

History Edit

Grew up the son of a career star fleet NCO. Was an athlete in high school and has one sister and one brother.

Danny played Halfback for Starfleet Academy's football team, setting several college football records his senior year:

  • Most Rushing yards, 2,800
  • Most rushing touchdowns: 23
  • Total touchdowns: 35

During the Dominion War, Danny served as a Platoon leader, and later Company Commander, with the 52nd Marine Regiment. He was awarded the Silver Star for leading a Bayonette Charge on cardassia, in defense of a Cardassian orphanage. Lost his arm to a Jem Hadar bayonette during the attack.

Service Record Edit

USS Veroto 2385-Present

Commander, 12th Marine Regiment, 2382-2385

Executive Officer, 28th Marine Regiment 2379-2382

Commander, 1st Battalion, 28th Marine Regiment, 2376-2379

Commander, Echo Company, 2nd Battalion, 52nd Marines 2374-2376

Platoon Leader, Echo Company, 2nd Battalion, 52nd Marines, 2372-2374

Awards Edit

Silver Star

Purple Star

Meritorious Service Medal

Dominion War Service Medal

Cardassian Liberation Medal

Dominion War Victory Medal

Starfleet and Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal

Marine Corps Achievement Medal

Marksmanship certifications Edit

Type II Pistol, M2380-Expert

Type II Pistol, M2384 Marine-Surgical

Type III Rifle, Pulse, M2373-Expert

Type III Rifle, Pulse, M2382, Marine-Expert

Type III Rifle, Sniper, M2380-Surgical

LFRD Project Sniper, Caliber .50, M1-Surgical