Gary Phaserman is a decorated officer who has served in both Starfleet (Rank: Captain), and his native Valderan Royal Starfighter Corps (Rank: Major General). He is currently assigned to USS Fearless as Valderan Liason to Lima Fleet, as well as Task Force 125 Advisor.


2149-Entered Valderan Junior Military Academy, Cadet 4th Class.

2153-Graduated Valderan Junior Military Academy, 3rd in Class.

2153-entered Valderan Royal Starfighter Academy, Cadet 4th Class.

2157-Graduated 1st in Class, commissioned as Flight Officer.

2159-Completes Starfighter Training, Promoted to Junior Lieutenant. Assigned to Fighter Squadron 97.

2163-Promoted to 2nd Lieutenant.

2171-Promoted to 1st Lieutenant, assigned to Fighter Squadron 94 as Flight Leader.

2179-Promoted to Sr. Lieutenant, Assigned as Squadron Executive Officer, FS-94.

2189-Promoted to Captain. Assigned as Commanding Officer, Fighter Squadron 127.

2200-Assigned as Commanding Officer, Fighter Squadron 135.

2210-Promoted to Major, assigned as Executive Officer, Fighter Wing 14.

2220-Assigned as Executive Officer, Fighter Wing 19.

2230: Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, Assigned as Director of Flight Training, Starfighter Training Station Valderis.

2250: Assigned as Commanding Officer, Fighter Wing 19.

2275: Promoted to Colonel. Assigned as Commandant, Valderan Junior Military Academy.

2309: Assigned as Flight Department Chairman, Valderan Royal Starfighter Academy.

2325: Promoted to Commander. Assigned as Deputy Commandant, Valderan Royal Starfighter Academy.

2340: Assigned as Executive Officer, Fighter Regiment 3.

2350: Promoted to Brigadier, assigned as Commanding Officer, Fighter Regiment 2.

2355: Assigned to Starfleet Officer Exchange Program, rank of Lieutenant.

2372: Assigned to USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-E)

2373: Participated in Battle of Sector 001. Nearly assimilated by Borg.

2375: Returned to Valderis, Promoted to Major General. Participates in final actions of Dominion War.

2380: Returns to Starfleet Service, assigned to USS Shiloh as Tactical Officer.

2385: Assumes command of USS Valiant.

2386: Again recalled to Valderan Service, Assigned to USS Fearless as Valderan Liason/TF 125 Advisor.