Jazmyn is the eldest of Kira's daughters and wife of Admiral Praxis Hardfighter

Vitals Edit

Name: Jazmyn (Phaserman) Hardfighter

Rank: Captain

Position: Executive Officer, USS Fearless

Gender: Female

Species: Betazoid

Age: 28

Physical Appearance Edit

Height: 5' 5

Weight: 115 lbs.

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Red

Physical Description: Curvy and slender, with a very athletic build.

Personality & Traits Edit

Personality: Determined and hard working. A bit stubborn honest and blunt.

Strengths & Weaknesses: Her telepathy is her biggest strength. However some days it can be her weakness as well.

Ambitions: She strives to have a family and balance her career in the mix

Hobbies & Interests: She loves Jazz and old movies. She loves spending time with Praxis and there new baby.

Languages: English, Vulcan, Klingon

Family Edit

Father: Deceased- Adoptive Father: Gary Phaserman

Mother:Deceased- Adoptive Mother: Kira Phaserman

Brother(s): Johnathan Phaserman (newborn)

Sister(s): Lela Phaserman (8)

Spouse: Enaged to Praxis Hardfighter

Children: Alyssa Hardfighter (new born)

Other Family: deceased

History Edit

When Jazmyn was 3 years old her family was slain by Kira's daughter Yazmyn. Kira took Jazmyn in and adopted her. Soon after Kira married Gary Phaserman and Gary adopted her.

Jazmyn grew up with the two and followed in her mothers foot steps by joining Star Fleet. She joined at the age of 16 and was on the fast track to success. She studyed hard and joined a couple of sports teams. She took an immediate intrest in the field of intellagance just like her mother and later did a couple of undercover missions with her mother.

Shortly after her stay in Star Fleet intel she decided she wanted to get out and see the stars. Her first assignment was to her mothers ship the USS Veroto. Where she worked as an intell officer until she was promoted to the rank of Commander. She was offered a postion as an XO on the USS Fearless. She accepted much to her mothers dismay. She soon became romanticly involved with her CO Praxis Hardfighter, who she now has a child with. They are to be wed at the end of the Banor War.