Praxis Thomas Hardfighter is an officer, currently holding the rank of Lieutenant General, assigned as Commander of Marine Forces for Lima Fleet.


Name: Praxis Thomas Hardfighter

Age: 39

Species: Human

Rank: Lt. General

Post: Marine Commander

Marital Status: Married

Spouse: Captain Jazmyn Phaserman

Siblings: Brigadier General Daniel Hardfighter, Brigadier General Anya Hardfighter (Tau Fleet)

Children: 1


2366-Accepted to Starfleet Academy, began Plebe Year.

2370-Graduated Starfleet Academy, 5th in Class. Commissioned as Ensign, Assigned to USS Galaxy as Weapons Officer.

2371-Promoted to Lieutenant, JG.

2373-Promoted to Lieutenant, Transfered to USS Bangor.

2374-Promoted to Lieutenant Commander, assigned as 2nd Officer, USS Bangor after Operation: Return.

2375-Assumed command of USS Bangor after Commanding Officer and Executive Officer were killed during the 2nd Battle of Chin'Toka. Promoted to Commander (Brevit Captain) by Rear Admiral Kira Phaserman prior to Operation Final Assault.

2375- Formally assigned as Commanding Officer, USS Bangor.

2380- Promoted to Captain, assigned as Commanding Officer, USS Chancellorsville.

2384- Assumed command of PreCommissioning Unit (PCU) Fearless (NCC-81073)

2385- Assumed Command of USS Fearless (NCC-81037)

2385-Promoted to Rear Admiral

2385-Promoted to Vice Admiral, assigned as Chief of Staff, Lima Fleet.

2385-Promoted to Admiral, Assigned as DCinC, Lima Fleet.

2386-Relenquished Command of USS Fearless to Captain Jazmyn Phaserman.

2386: Stepped down as DCinC of Lima Fleet and transfered to Marine Forces at the rank of Lieutenant General.