The Starfleet Criminal Investigative Service is the primary security, counter-terrorism, counter-intelligence, and law enforcement agency of Starfleet and the Federation Marine Corps.

Formed in the early days of Starfleet, the SCIS takes it's mission from it's direct predecessor, the United States Naval Criminal Investigative service. SCIS is a civilian organisation, and investigates all felony offenses punishable under the Federation's Uniform Code of Justice.

SCIS Special Agents and Field Agents are armed, usually carrying standard Type II Phaser pistols. They have powers of warrant and arrest, and have jurisdiction in any issue involving Starfleet and Marine Corps personnel, equipment, and facilities.


Headquarters: Starfleet Command, San Fransisco, Earth
Director: Keila Moral
Active Personnel:
  • 12000 sworn and armed agents
  • 16000 Analysts, technicians, and administrative personnel
Rank Structure for sworn agents (Military equivelent rank in parenthesis)

See Full Article: SCIS Ranks

  • Director (Equal to an Vice Admiral/ Lt. General)
  • Deputy Director (Equal to a Rear Admiral UH/Major General)
  • Assistant Director <Branch> (Equal to a Rear Admiral LH/Brigadier General)
  • Supervisory Special Agent (Captain/Colonel)
  • Special Agent (Commander/Lt. Colonel)
  • Senior Field Agent (Lieutenant Commander/Major)
  • Junior Field Agent (Lieutenant/Captain)
  • Probationary Field Agent (Lieutenant JG/2nd Lieutenant)
Training Facilities:
  • Federation Law Enforcement Training Center, Quantico, VA
  • Federation Law Enforcement Academy, Paris, France
  • Starfleet Academy-Criminal Justice Program
  • Federation Anti-Terrorism Training Center, Luna Colony
  • Federation Counter-Intelligence Training Center, Langley, VA


SCIS Personnel are responsible for many different tasks, including Law Enforcement, Counter Terrorism, Counter Intelligence, Security, and many others.

Law Enforcement Edit

SCIS Agents involved in law enforcement are granted powers of arrest and warrant. Unlike security detachments aboard starships and starbases, SCIS agents are not restricted to their command.

Assignments Edit

At least one SCIS Response Unit is assigned to every Federation Starbase, planetary station, and federation member world. A SCIS Response Unit usually consists of the following:

  • 1 Special Agent (Special Agent in Charge)
  • 2 Senior Field Agents
  • 2 Junior Field Agents
  • 2 Laboratory Technician
  • 2 Medical Examiner

Many larger starships also have assigned Agents Embarked, usually a junior or senior field agent. Embarked agents are independent law enforcement officers, answering directly to the vessel's commanding officer. Security personnel aboard the starships will often coordinate with the Agent Embarked, consulting with the Agent on matters pertaining to procedure and law.