WMUS Tomahawk IV front pic

Tomahawk at unveiling ceremony, Starfleet Command

The Tomahawk Missile System is an Anti-Ship missile, first deployed aboard Lima Fleet Starships in Early 2386. The weapon is an exceptionally long range, sublight torpedo-like weapon.


Launch mass: 1,440 kilograms (3,200 lb)

Length Without booster: 5.56 m

With booster: 6.25 m

Diameter: 0.52 m

Wingspan: 2.67 m

Speed: Classified.

Range: Classified, Acknowledged to be greater than that of Quantum and Photon Torpedoes

Warhead: Standard, 450 KG Matter/Anti-Matter. May be fitted with sensors and used as long-range probe. Also may be fitted with conventional chemical explosives.


with 225 KG of Anti-Matter, the warhead is substantially more powerful than that of a Photon or Quantum torpedo. There is some debate about precisely how powerful the blast is, but it has been demonstrated in actual combat to be quite powerful.


The weapon was first deployed aboard a small number of Lima Fleet starships: USS Fearless, USS Lexington, USS Shiloh, and USS Trojan Horse. Trojan Horse became the first vessel to use the weapon in combat, destroying a Tyderian Destroyer, several weeks prior to the Banor invasion. Some historians have noted that this may also be the first recorded ship-to-ship kill by a vessel classified as a Carrier (Either Aircraft Carrier or Starfighter Carrier. USS St. Lo became the first Carrier to hit another vessel during the battle of Leyte Gulf, October 1944).

At the outset of the Banor invasion, Tomahawks became widely available, although are still being deployed scarcely. USS Fearless, USS Shiloh, and USS Lexington have all used Tomahawks since the outbreak of war with the Banor, to great success.

Starfleet has yet to classify the Tomahawk as an "Active Weapons System", listing it as an Experimental Torpedo due to it's limited deployment.


RTS Bajak-Destroyed (USS Trojan Horse)

Unidentified Banor Battleship-Damaged (USS Fearless)

Unidentified Banor Cruiser-Destroyed (USS Fearless)

Unidentified Banor Cruiser-Destroyed (USS Fearless)

Unidentified Banor Destroyer-Destroyed (USS Shiloh)

Unidentified Banor Destroyer-Destroyed (USS Lexington)

Borg Cube-Disabled Engines (USS Valiant)