USS Valiant is a Defiant Class Starship, serving with Lima Fleet. She is officially assigned to Task Force 125, although she normally operates independantly. She also serves as the fleet's training vessel. Officer, Enlisted, and Command Trainees all train aboard Valiant to earn experience before being transfered to their permanent assignments.


Valiant is one of the founding ships in Lima Fleet. Originally commanded by Captain Gary Phaserman, she was assigned to Task Force 125, and listed as Fleet Academy Training Vessel. In this capacity, she has trained many officers who now serve throughout the fleet, most notably Lima Fleet's Chief of Staff, Vice Admiral Alex Crimson.

Commissioned in 2378, Valiant spent several years assigned to the Romulan Neutral Zone territories. In 2385, however, she was removed from service and placed in the Fleet Reserve Force at Anteres Fleet Yards.

in 2385, She was reactivated for service with Lima Fleet. Captain Phaserman assumed command, with Commander Alicia Fuller as his XO. As a teaching platform, Valiant is often assigned to low intensity missions. Several times, however, Valiant has been put into combat. She fought the Borg in 2385, the Tyderians both 2385 and 2386, and engaged in numerous border skirmishes while attempting to settle diplomatic feuds. More recently, she has actively engaged the Banor in combat.

in late 2385, Captain Phaserman left the Valiant when asked by his father, the Emperor of Valderis, to reinstate his Valderan Commission to act as a liason officer to Lima Fleet. Alicia Fuller took over as Captain of the Valiant, and has subsequentlty been promoted to Captain.


Captain Gary Phaserman-First Commanding Officer (Now assigned to USS Fearless as Valderan Liason/TF 125 Advisor.)

Captain Alicia Fuller-Current commanding officer